Advanced Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Program Overview:

Public speaking is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience. It is commonly understood
as formal, face-to-face interaction where an individual speaks to a group of listeners.
In public speaking, the information convened is purposeful and meant to inform, influence, or entertain a
group of listeners. Public speaking is a key skill that can be utilized in a variety of contexts. It enables
people to convey what you want to say in a clear and engaging manner.
However, for some people, public speaking can be dreadful; the idea of standing up in front of people can
be terrifying. For other people, it might be that they’re not sure on how to engage the audience.
This program is designed to assist participants to explore the tools and techniques required to overcome
nerve issues, and develop and deliver unique and memorable speeches.
Public speaking dates back centuries, yet still remains one of the most important skills we can acquire in
modern times.

For whom:
This program is designed for anyone who would want to develop their public speaking skills. Managers
regularly required speaking in a professional setting, sales professionals who make presentations, or
anyone who would like to be more confident addressing and interacting with others will benefit from
this program.

Learning objectives:
At the end of this program, participants will be able to;

■ Appreciate the need to deliver impressive presentations

■ Know the preparation needed to deliver an effective presentation
■ Learn how to use body language and voice tone to become an engaging presenter

■ Know the structure of each part of a presentation process

■ confidently handle questions during the presentation
■ Learn to use visual aids that are appropriate and supportive during the presentation
■ Learn to control nerves positively when speaking so as to reduce anxiety
■ Demonstrate practically all they have learnt in the class for immediate on the job practice

Course outline:
Day 1: The Successful Presenter: Overview
■ How to be a Successful Presenter  Clarity, structure, Revision
■ The essentials of a successful presentation
■ The Paradox of Public Speaking
■ Introduction to Body Language and Feedback
■ Self-evaluation techniques

Day 2: Preparing for a Successful Presentation
■ Presentation: The Best Practice

■ Who is a successful Presenter?

■ Who is your audience?

■ How to keep your audience focused: What do they want to know?

■ How to research for subject information
■ How to structure your thoughts

Day 3: Preparing Handout and Slides for Effective Presentation
■ Why use Slides?

■ Why handouts and not Slides?

■ How to make the perfect slide show?

■ Advanced Slide Creation
■ Revising your Presentation
■ How to use data and visuals?

■ How to be persuasive?

Day 4: Presentation Practice and Revision
■ Practicing how to be convincing
■ Overcoming Fear and anxiety
■ Dressing for success

■ Boosting your credibility
■ Handling questions

■ Key point overview
■ Building transitions
Day 5: Presentation Delivery

■ Delivering with Passion
■ Beginning with Impact
o Breathing effectively
■ Holding Attention
o Volume, speed, and pitch
■ Building Rapport

■ Handling Questions
o Using notes effectively
■ Projection, Pitch, Rate, and Gesture
o How to use space well

Training Methodology
Lectures, discussions, exercises, and case studies will be used to reinforce these teaching/learning methods.