Course Description
We are in an era where organisations are breaking out from the norm of departmentalization and
a wide embrace of teams and project groups. Thus, it is important for team leads and members to
have the prerequisite knowledge of carrying out projects using best practices in a fast-paced and
technological driven workplace. Our Project Management Training is designed to reveal the
rudiment of project management with a focus on project selection, planning, estimating,
scheduling, monitoring, and plan communication strategies. Since a project is a temporary
endeavor with a definite beginning and end, typically to brings about beneficial changes and as
such requires the development of distinct technical skills and management tactics. This course
will help new team leads, team members, monitoring and evaluation officers and project
managers understand how projects are carried out. It will also cover risk management,
procurement, monitoring and evaluation, and driving quality. Participants will come to a full
understanding of what it takes to execute projects successfully as when due.

Essentials of project management would be of immense benefits to the following:
(1) Project managers/ Administrators
(2) Contractors
(3) Monitoring and Evaluation Officers
(4) Team leads
(5) Team members
(6) Supervisors
(7) Line Managers
(8) Newbie in Managerial roles

· Participant will learn how to create smart objectives for business projects
· They would be able to create and analyze work breakdown structures for projects

· They will learn how to write a project charter and draw a project network
· They will be able to develop project KPIs and metrics
· They will be equipped with project procurement skills

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:
· Identify the key concepts of project management
· Understand the rudiments of project management – the ability to initiate, plan, coordinate
and execute basic controls for a project
· Highlight the techniques of planning project cost, quality and compliance, risk and how to
deliver one
· Understand how to define project success using key performance indicators & quality
· Pinpoint projects risks and how to curb them.
· Utilise monitoring and evaluation framework appropriately to give a wholesome submission
on projects.
· Understand how to manage human and material resources for projects.
· Prepare a project schedule and budget that is realistic.


DAY ONE: Project Management Basics- Concepts and Components
· Definition- Project management
· Best Practice Project Management
· Project and product life cycles
· Project selection process
· Project initiation

· Stakeholder management and Engagement
· Project cash flow
· Writing SMART objectives

Planning Projects for Results
· Scheduling and planning (Work breakdown structures)
· Project Budgeting (Estimating and scheduling work)
· Work plan Development (The logical framework approach)
· Designing a Project Goal Outcomes/ Output/Activities
· Establishing appropriate milestones

Organizing the Project
· Managing the established milestones
· Getting to grips with information management
Drafting a project charter
· Managing project costs – what you need to know
· Managing project resources
· Network diagrams and Gantt charts

Planning for Quality, HR, Communications, Risk, and Procurement
· Itemising project KPI’s / Metrics

· Quality Check/planning
· Project communication plan
· Risk monitoring and control
· Developing a communication plan
· Planning procurements, selecting and managing vendors

Project Control, Monitoring, and Evaluation

· Handling the changes and challenges that affect projects
· The need for monitoring and evaluation of projects
· Monitoring in all process of the project cycle
· Identifying outcome indicators for your
· Project Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
· Types of data & Interpretation of data
· Writing an effective M/E report

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