Professional Selling Skills Development


The art of selling and converting potential buyers into profit cannot be overemphasized if organizations

must survive and remain relevant in business. Both Service-oriented and manufacturing industries are perpetually out to sell products and services. Aside from increase in

profitability level, business development and sales are quite imperative for brand awareness and

increased market share.

This training course provides opportunities for participants to fine-tune their selling skills/techniques in

ongoing live role plays and real-world case studies. This program will enhance sales staff’s ability to

connect better with customers, overcome objections and close the sale confidently and effectively

delivering commercial and sales objectives.

Participants’ communication, time management and negotiation skills will be tremendously



By the end of this training course, Participants will be able to;

■Understand the psychology of the selling/buying process and their role in facilitating it

■Connect better with customers, overcome objections and close sales confidently and effectively to achieve targets

■ Learn to strengthen their core abilities and innovative capabilities.

■ Understand their personal selling style and set improvement objectives

■ Integrate social media marketing best practices to increase selling

■ Manage customer expectations and exceed it to gain loyalty

■ Master the act of verbal and non-verbal communication

■ Participants will learn how to get new clients while milking the existing ones.

■ Participants will acquire world-class acumen to implement business-to-business marketing

strategies of their organizations

■ Participants will learn the guiding principles of professional selling and complex negotiations

■ Participants learn to become a trusted adviser and use questions not reasons as their main

persuasive tools

■ Participants will learn how to ask the right questions



Professional selling skills development would be of immense benefits to the following:

Sales personnel, Account managers, Business development managers, and Client service managers. Sales Executives/Administrators, Sales canvassers/Merchandisers, Field sales representatives, Direct sales agents, Sales support officers, and Newbies in sales and business development.


Module 1

Introduction to professional selling skills

■ The new digital selling methods

■ The 4 Levels of Sales Effectiveness

■ 5 Keys to Build Credibility

■ Owning your sales presentation

■ Presenting your unique selling proposition

■ Setting selling goals and objectives that align with the company’s business plan

■ Understanding the buy-sell ladder model

 Module 2:

Communicating value

■ How to build trust and make an Excellent First Impression

■ How to sell the difference in what you are proposing

■ Client classification: building an ideal client profile

■ Functional product/service/company knowledge

■ Learning the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication •

■ Advanced Communication Skills to Increase Selling

Module 3:

Appointment making techniques

■ Strategies to Improve Telephone Communication Effectiveness

■ Designing and implementing key performance indicators

■ Unique and distinctive selling points

■ Developing an active listening communication style, establishing a speaking presence

■Communication to Connect, Clarify, Convince and Convey

■ The value-adding selling process

■ Questions you should not ask as sales personnel.

Module 4:

■ The Mind and selling.

■ How to handle rejection

■ I will think about it, I will get back to you

■ Types of rejections

■ Self-Awareness and Self-management

■ Accommodating styles and preferences

■ The psychology of selling

■ Sales enemies to defeat

■ How to Make an Excellent First Impression

Module 5

Buyer behaviors and Personality types

■ Determining your selling style (Its strengths and weaknesses)

■ Effective Negotiation Skills

■ How to accurately determine a customer’s “buying style?”

■ Creating a Prospective Phone Script and Elevator Speech

■ Closing sales

■ Maintaining relationship after-sales


■Instructor-led Sessions

■Slides, Stories, Quotes, Videos,

■Case Studies

■Templates and tools

■Individual development plans.

■Practical Sessions, Group Discussions, Exercises, and role-plays.



■Course Fee: N70,000. Early Bird: 5% Discount. 5-10 Participants (5% discount). 11 or more participants. (10% discount). This covers Course materials and Certificates of attendance.


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