Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness skills Increases productivity by planning and using your time more effectively. Learn to prioritise tasks according to business impact. Identify key distractions and how to manage them. Regain you work life balance and prevent burnout. This course teaches arranging, organizing, scheduling, and budgeting one’s time for the purpose of generating more effective work and productivity. Lack of this skill is solely responsible for the failure of many people who hitherto had a promising prospect.

By the end of this Rekrut Consulting training course, participants will be able to:
■Develop appropriate ways of managing oneself, activities and goals in a more relaxed and confident manner.
■Learn to avoid interruptions before they surface, eliminate procrastination and handle distractions from any quarter.
■Acquire prioritization, delegation and decision-making skills to surpass work expectations and ensure timely delivery of quality works.
■Optimise performance and improve efficiency by getting acquitted with stress management techniques.
■Understand how to organize themselves within and outside the workspace for effective performance.
■Develop appropriate schedules and plans.
■Have a full grasp of prioritization and effective decision making
■Utilise time management techniques to handle distractions and interruptions.
■Highlight common personal and environmental time-wasters based on the peculiarity of their roles and functions.
■Identify ways of handling stress within and outside the confine of the workplace

This training programme would be of great importance to the following: Mid-Level Managers and Officers, Project Managers, Supervisors, Sales and Marketing Executives, Executive Assistants, Line managers, Customer Service Officers, Anyone who is required work-life balance.

■Planning and Getting Organized
■Importance of Planning in Management
■Delegation, Organization & Prioritization
■Planning Effectively with Your Team
■Developing Personal and Team Change Plans
■Competencies of successful self-management.
■Mid-term planning and strategic objectives.
■Distraction-Avoidance techniques
■Eliminating Procrastination
■Time management Grid
■Adapting Pareto principles to time management
■Goal Setting (SMART)
■Handling interruptions
■Stepping down Stress (Symptoms and causes of stress)
■Handling positively and assertively with stress

■Instructor-led Sessions
■Slides, Stories, Quotes, Videos,
■Case Studies
■Templates and tools
■Individual development plans.
■Practical Sessions, Group Discussions, Exercises, and role-plays.

■When: 13-14 August 2021
■Where: Virtual Class (Zoom) and Physical Class (Ilupeju-Lagos)
■Programme Commences 10am- 3pm each day.
■Course Fee: N50,000. Early Bird: 5% Discount. 5-10 Participants (5% discount). 11 or more participants. (10% discount). This covers Course materials and Certificates of attendance.

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