Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills Workshop

Program Overview:

Interpersonal communication problem generates a series of other problems in the organization. These problems have adverse effects on productivity and employees’ attitudes. Inter-personal/communication skills are therefore fundamental for organizational success. This program is therefore designed to equip participants with basic corporate communication/human relations skills to address these issues.

For whom:

Managers, Officers in public and private sector organizations, who need to improve on their communication / interpersonal skills.

Learning objectives:

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

■             Identify the basic concept of human relations

■             Apply basic communication skills

■             Enhance their team-building skills

■             Use interviewing skills

Course outline:

Day 1: The organization as a coalition of individuals.

■             Basic concept and dynamics of human    relations

■             Developing Effective Communication and interpersonal skills

■             Transactional analysis

Day 2: Team building skills

■             Negotiation skills

■             Meeting and committee management skills

■             Interviewing skills

■             Communication in conflict resolution

Training Methodology

Lectures, discussions, exercises, and case studies will be used to reinforce these teaching/learning methods.