Effective People Management Workshop (A Practical Workshop for Line Managers)

Program Overview:

Managing people at work has assumed a vital strategic role in recent years as organizations attempt to compete through people. Line managers increasingly have to take on responsibilities for such as recruitment, discipline, performance management, pay, training, and employees relations all these require people management skills. This workshop is designed to assist the line managers and supervisors to fill in any gap in their knowledge, which would enable them to deal more confidently and efficiently with day-to-day people issues and questions that may arise.


All Line Managers, Supervisors, and other managers who coordinate people’s efforts for organizational productivity.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

■             appreciate and manage people to gain commitment and improve employees’ morale.

■             identify ways to improve employees’ performance and develop the capabilities of individuals and teams.

■             acquire people management skills

■             develop and manage high-performance teams

■             manage and resolve conflict for a win-win situation.


Day 1: The Role, Responsibilities, and Skills for Modern Managers

■              Managing People:   The Basic Skills

Listening, Walking the talk, Mentoring and coaching, Motivation and communication, Conflict resolution

Self-awareness and intuition

■              Leadership Role,

Team building, communicating and organizing.

■              Communication is at the heart of people management

Your new role as “bringer of good and bad news”

■              Motivating your staff/Team for increased Productivity


Day 2:     Performance Management

–               Managing expectations

–               Conducting Performance and Development Review

–               Managing under-performance

–               Managing Team Performance.

– Tips for boosting the overall performance of your team

■              Developing People

–               Identifying Learning Needs

–               On / Off the Job Training

–               Effective Delegation

■              Developing negotiating skills

–               Applying your listening skills

–               Developing a win-win philosophy


Day 3:     Managing conflict for positive outcomes

–              handling difficult people and behavior

-Understanding the how, when, where and why of conflict

– Assessing your own behavior in conflict situations

– Recognizing constructive and destructive conflict

■              Managing the Employment Relationship.

–               Managing Health and Safety

–               Handling Disciplinary Interviews / Actions

–               Managing Attendance

■               Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques.

Training Methodology

Lectures, discussions, exercises, and case studies will be used to reinforce these teaching/learning methods.