Managing Multiple Projects: (Prioritizing and Keeping Your Projects on Track and on Budgets)

Program Overview:

Managing cost in today’s business environment requires that we embark on a number of projects simultaneously. Project managers these days have to contend with multiple projects all at once. These projects exist in three dimensions:

1- Task-oriented projects

2- Independent projects

3- Interdependent projects

This program is designed to give leverage to project managers saddled with managing multiple projects at the same time.

For Whom:

Project managers at all levels handle multiple projects or preparing to manage multiple projects. A good knowledge in project management is a necessary pre-requisite to participate in this program.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, participants will be able to;

■ Analyze multiple projects situations

■ Prioritize among projects for effective project time scale

■ Create realistic schedules using project management tools

■ Manage through organizational problems

■ Develop measures in managing project crisis

Course Outline:

Day 1: Multiple Projects Situation: Overview

■ Benefits of managing multiple projects

■ Categorizing project portfolio

■ Building on Project management for single projects

■ Requirements for task-oriented and independent projects

Day 2: Challenges with Multiple Projects

■ What are your individual project objectives?

■ Priorities?

■ Project sponsor?

■ Corporate project management methodology

■ Realistic project scheduling: Mission impossible

Day 3: Resource Management with Multiple Projects

■ Getting organized

■ Control management system

■ Effective delegation

■ Resource availability

■ Matrix organization

Day 4: Success Strategies for Managing Multiple Projects

■ How to analyze multiple project situations

■ Clear project priorities

■ Active project sponsors

■ Project management methodology for multiple projects

■ Designing realistic schedules

■ Effective delegation

Day 5: Productivity Improvement Strategy for Managing Multiple Projects

■ Increase productivity: Learn the tools of PM

■ Solve organizational problems

■ Automate your PM tools

■ Getting out of the crisis

■ Evaluate your strategies for results.

Training Methodology

Lectures, discussions, exercises, and case studies will be used to reinforce these teaching/learning methods.