Thinking about Operations and Administrative Staff Outsourcing?

Thinking about Outsourcing your HR function to a reputable third-party HR Company?

Rekrut Consulting Limited RC.1088540 Can Efficiently Support Your Business:

■Staff Onboarding, Policies, Health and Safety, Procedures & Policies, Employee Handbook, Payroll Administration, Staffing/Recruitment, Performance Management, Staff Training, Exit management.

■HR Policies, Procedures, Employee Handbook, Payroll Administration, Pension, PAYEE, ECA, Staffing/Recruitment, HR Audit, Climate Survey, Performance Management, Talent Management, Career Staff Training, Manpower planning, Team Building, Exit Management.

When it comes to Outsourcing your Staffing matters/Human Resources, you must ensure you are working with highly experienced partner for your business.

Our services span the full HR lifecycle, from Onboarding to Staff exit management.

We understand the type of issues that keep Business owners/Leaders awake at night…

We have over 20 Years of HR Experience. We have a strong and passionate team and we have executed (still executing) Staff/HR Outsourcing projects for Multinational companies as well as SMEs in Nigeria.

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