“DISCIPLINE is the bridge between thought and accomplishment”

It’s the glue that binds inspiration to achievement. It’s THE MAGIC that turns financial necessity into the creation of an inspired work of art. Discipline comes to those with the awareness that “for a kite to fly it must rise against the wind”; that all good things are achieved by those who are willing to swim Upstream. It’s the lifeguard at sea bay, warning everyone that drifting aimlessly through life only leads to bitterness and disappointment.

Discipline is the foundation
on which all success is built. Lack of Discipline inevitably leads to failure.

Yet curiously many do not associate lack of discipline with lack of success.
Most people envision failure as one Earth shattering event… A company going bankrupt or A Student failing an examination.

This however is not how failure happens. FAILURE is rarely the result of some isolated event.

Rather, It is a consequence of a long list of accumulated little failures which happen as a result of too little discipline.

Failure occurs each time we fail to think… today.
act today, care, strive, climb, learn, or just keep going…. today.
As a job Seeker, If your goal requires that TODAY, you’ll send out your CV to 10 HR Managers by email or via the LinkedIn platform and you only sent 3, you are behind by 7 CVs/potential recruiters … today.
If you commit yourself to making 5 sales phone calls and you make only 1, you are behind by 4 phone calls… today.

If your financial plans require that you save N10,000 and you save none, you are behind by N10,000… today.

The danger comes when we look at a day squandered and conclude that no harm has been done.. After all, it was just ONE DAY. But add up these days to make a month, then a year, and then add up these years to make a lifetime and perhaps you can now see how repeating today’s small failures can easily turn your life into a major disaster.

Success follows exactly the same pattern… In reverse. If as a job Seeker, you plan to send out 10 CVs to potential employers and you go beyond your quota to 15 CVs sent to HR Managers on LinkedIn, you’re ahead by 5 CVs…today. Do the same with your weight loss programme, your savings plan, your home ownership goal, your skill acquisition goal, use this same principles as you’re learning MS Excel, MS. PowerPoint, or Digital Marketing Skills and soon you will see the accumulated fruits of your diligence over a year and eventually, over a lifetime.

It unlocks the door to wealth, happiness, culture and sophistication, high esteem and high accomplishment, and the accompanying feelings of pride, satisfaction, and SUCCESS.

Leke Oshiyemi is the Lead Consultant/CEO @Rekrut Consulting Ltd. RC.1088540.
Career Influencer Award Winner 2020 (By The WorkBooth Magazine)
Cornell University, NY Alumni, Masters, UNILAG, Public Administration (Human Resources) BA, Philosophy, O.O.U. ACIPM, NITAD, HRMP – SHRM. Former Employee Engagement & Partnerships Mgr., HR Business Partner, HRM with Nigerian Breweries Plc, Consolidated Breweries Pls, Honeywell Flour Mills Plc respectively. Leke is a reputable HR Consultant, Trainer, and Recruiter.

He has over 20 years of work experience spanning the Manufacturing, Services, and Technology sector of the Nigerian economy.

Leke is on a mission to help develop Africa’s human capital and help advance businesses. He also aims to help empower 10,000 people in the next 5 years to start, grow, scale profitable and successful careers or businesses using MARKETABLE SKILLS, channels, and strategies. He regularly publishes articles and speaks on Corporate Culture, Strategy, Capacity Development, Careers & Entrepreneurship.

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