In the modern world, working online is becoming more and more common. There are perks for the employer and the employee – employers do not have to provide office space, parking, or office equipment; employees do not have to drive to work, buy a new wardrobe, or use gasoline to go to work. With computers and online connections becoming so commonplace, online jobs are becoming equally common.

So how do you prepare for a job online? Here are some tips.

Consider a Website or Blog

You can simply submit resumes online, but if you have a specific skill set you can offer (and anyone searching for a job does!), then consider setting up a website or blog that has pertinent information for prospective employers to peruse. Such a site would include samples of your work, a compelling home page with an overview of your skills and experience, and contact information.

Focus and Refine

When you are looking for an online job, consider looking for a company for which you want to work and contacting the hiring manager. This is a different approach than applying for job postings. Targeting a specific company and offering your skills helps refine your search to include only those types of jobs you really want and those employers who are most likely to want you. You may find a page on the company’s website where you can fill out a form and provide a profile.

Social Networking

If you’re going to be working online, then it may pay to have an online presence. Online groups like LinkedIn are helpful for exchanging business and contact information (not unlike the way people exchange business cards in real life).

In addition to the general social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook (you can do a professional page on Facebook in addition to or instead of your personal one), take a look at job boards that target your niche. For instance, there are job boards geared toward freelance writers, editors, and web designers. Join one of these that matches your skillset.

Don’t Shy Away from Videos

Have you thought about doing a video resume, or augmenting your text resume with a video? This can act as a precursor to an interview; prospective employers can see your demeanor, what you look like, your speaking style, and so forth. Consider preparing a video resume. You can post this on your website, and also send it around to various prospective employers.