Job layoffs are happening all across the country. Nigerians in once-stable jobs are now finding themselves unemployed and standing in the unemployment line. For some, a job layoff comes as a complete shock. Due to that unexpected shock, many unemployed Nigerians make costly mistakes. Five of these mistakes are highlighted below and you should avoid them at all costs.

So, what should you not do after getting a layoff notice?

1 – Do Not Walk Off the Job

When getting laid off, some workers are asked to collect their belongings and vacate the property immediately. Others are given a specific date. For example, they will work three more weeks and then be laid off. If your employer gives you a pending layoff notice, as opposed to an immediate one, do not walk off the job in a fit of rage. Yes, you were blindsided. Yes, you have every reason to be angry. However, you cannot let those emotions dictate your actions. If your employer says you must work for three more weeks, you must. If you walk off the job early, you weren’t laid off. Instead, you quit. You may no longer qualify for unemployment benefits.

2 – Do Not Burn Bridges

In addition to not walking off the job in a fit of rage, you must leave gracefully. Do not burn bridges. Telling your supervisor or the company owner exactly how you feel seems like a good idea at the time, but it has serious consequences. Did you know that not all layoffs are 100% permanent? Some companies use them as a temporary way to cut costs. When a company starts to recover, many hire back some of their laid-off workers. Do you want to be one? You won’t be if you use fowl language, scream, or call your boss names.

3 – Do Not Let Your Emotions Consume You

Those who get laid off from work experience a wide array of options. Anger is often the first. Then, comes fear. For some, depression sets in. Whatever you are feeling, do not let it consume you. Those who let their emotions get the best of them often experience complications with friends and family. These are the people you need the most now. You need the support of loved ones. Whatever emotion you are feeling, whether it be anger, fear, or sadness, take it and turn it into something good. Create goals for yourself, work on finding a new job, familiarize yourself with popular stress relaxation tips, and so forth.

4 – Do Not Spend Like Normal

If you are laid off, you should be able to collect unemployment benefits. This weekly money is nice, but it will not be near what you were making before. This is where many jobless Nigerian run into trouble. They have less money to spend, but they keep their old spending habits. If you do, you will find yourself on the fast track to debt. After receiving your first unemployment check, sit down and total your monthly income. Add your check to additional income, such as your spouse’s. This is how much you have available to spend. If your expenses total more, work on reducing them.

5 – Do Not Treat a Layoff Like a Paid Vacation

Unemployment benefits are available for laid-off Nigerian workers. Yes, you deserve this money, but don’t treat unemployment like a vacation. It is nice receiving a paycheck for sitting at home, but there are risks involved too. Your unemployment will not last forever. After months of sitting at home, you may have grown accustomed to doing nothing. It will be harder to get back into the swing of things. Do not let this happen. You don’t have to rush to find a new job. Take time to find a well-paying and stable job. Just try to avoid sitting at home. Get out and socialize with friends, take a career training class, or go for daily walks.