When you think of preparing for a job search, you may visualize gathering paperwork and making lists. While these are components of preparing to look for a job, it’s important not to neglect the mental and emotional preparation that is also necessary. Here are some tips for getting ready mentally and emotionally for your job search.


Go ahead and anticipate some of the questions the interviewer will ask, or that you think he or she will ask. If possible, find out from others what kinds of questions tend to be asked at this company, and find out as much as you can about the company. You can determine their values and goals, and figure out much of what they are looking for in an employee.

When you rehearse, you might want to do so before a mirror. This helps you prepare your mind for the interview, and understand how you are perceived by others.

Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises help prepare you both mentally and emotionally. They help you get your attention focused, centered, and calm. Deep breathing is one such exercise; meditation takes it a bit further along the preparedness scale. Doing these kinds of exercises before your interview can help get your mindset in the right place, and your emotions calmed down.

Remember – It’s Not Personal

One of the ways to prepare yourself for your interview is to recognize that you might not be accepted for the job. After all, not everyone who applies lands the position; it’s just a fact of life. So before your interview, go over how you will respond if the answer is no.

Have some steps planned out and some practical things you can do in the face of rejection. This can help ease the emotional upset that comes from getting a “no” answer. Make sure, though, that you don’t take this too far – you don’t want to go in with a defeated attitude or with the idea that you “know” you won’t make it. This is just a preparatory attitude – just in case you don’t get the job, you have a plan. This may make you more relaxed anyway, and you won’t appear desperate to the interviewer.


Visualizing yourself in a successful position with the company helps get your mind ready for success. Get a good mental picture of what your position will look like. Visualize interactions with co-workers in the hall; imagine the smell of the office and the sound of typing on your computer; imagine talking to a satisfied client or customer on the phone.

Mentally visualize the sensory experience of the job you want, whether you’re applying for a job as a waitperson or executive. It’s said that positive visualization actually enhances your chances of success.