We’ve all been taught that ‘being confident’, ‘being a great
communicator’, ‘making eye contact’, ‘having a winning smile’ and ‘having a
firm handshake’ are the makings of a good first impression.

In today’s world however, these are no longer enough. The emergence of
Social Media and Blogs have made it easier for all-and-sundry to connect and
network with clients in real time and build several relationships all over the

Amongst all these, You sure want to make your own mark in your own space,
build a successful brand personality and leave a lasting impression on your
existing clients and prospective ones.

Below are some quick tips to get you started:
1. Who Are You? Be Intentional about the perception you show to people
and Be Clear about what you want to be identified as.
2. Generate brand awareness through networking: Network with
known professionals and organization.
3. Know your product/Services: Understanding your product’ features
allow you to present their benefits accurately and persuasively.

4. Be consistent: Express your brand across all communications mediums
5. Determine where you want to fit in: Find your niche area of expertise
and remain visible to your target audience in your industry.
6. Be Social: Personal brands can’t be built without human interactions.
Take the time each day to interact with your followers on social media,
it’s just good for business. Respond to tags, Reply to comments, answer
questions about your products/services, and Thank them for reshares
of your content. It’s important to humanize your personal brand.
7. Get feedback from those clients who know you best: The true
measure of your brand is the reputation others hold of you in their
hearts. You can never go wrong with reviews, so feel free to ask for
8. Be sure to Give Value Always.