Quick question!??

Why apply for a Job you’re clearly unqualified for?
Desperate much? Faith? Or what other reasons might you have, to think an employer would bypass a more ‘qualified’ candidate for you?
Well, chances are, you’ve heard people share stories about getting jobs they were not fully qualified for on paper.

Let’s put things in perspective;

If you’ve been job hunting for a bit, you’re probably scanning through career sites, you come across your dream job, and you want it, So Bad! You look through the requirements, you’re a near Fit. But Not Quite There,
and you think to yourself, these required skills look like skills i can wing*, play it by the ear, and get better at it over time if given the chance, so… why not apply?, afterall, in today’s world, employers are looking for more of Potentials rather than Qualifications.

Truth be told, a lot of people in their current roles wouldn’t fulfill (100%) of all the criteria on the Job Requirements, don’t rule yourself out of the race just yet.
With that being said, there’s a big difference between ‘underqualified’ and ‘unqualified’. Here’s how to tell if you should you go for it?

a. Ask yourself some sincere questions: Are you a 10% match or a 70% match? if you’re a 10% for Skills and experience, pls do not bother, else you’ll be wasting your time and that of the employer’s. And your CV might be tossed and blacklisted from future opportunities in the company.

b. If you don’t have the required skill or industry experience, but you know for a fact that you can deliver on the job and you have success indicators, such as consistent career achievement or professional certifications, these can probably get you a foot in the door. It’s worked for many a candidate who were not initially qualified for the job.

c. Also, instead of applying to the job posted, how about you send in a direct application/cover letter to the company, acknowledging the position that caught your attention was for a more experienced candidate, explain your interest, list out a couple of things you’ll bring to the team and mention that you’ll love to work with them in another capacity.

d. Finally, never underestimate the Power of Networking. Referrals sometime can make employers overlook the basic requirements, So see if you do have a connection who can put in a good word for you with the employer, that can get you an interview invite at the least. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Next time you come across a job you may seem “underqualified” for, you should definitely give it a shot, you might have a chance.
All the best with your job hunt!